Life of a Blogger [1]: Tattoos


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Oh, tattoos. Some people love them, some people hate them…some will even say you’ll never have your dream job if you have any visible ones.  Personally, I love tattoos. I don’t mean the generic “I got a Chinese character that I’m pretty sure means ______ (but I don’t actually know the language so I couldn’t tell you for sure”. I’m sure those tattoos have a place in people’s hearts as well, but they’re not for me. I love the tattoos with intricate back stories, even if the art itself is simple. I alos love the mind-blowingly complex art some people have put with those personal meanings. In a majority of cases, the tattoos I’ve seen have been absolutely beautiful. 

I, myself, have a tattoo! tattoo_strength I wanted something like this after someone influential and inspirational to me throughout my high school career had another run in with cancer. Then my brother was diagnosed with LCP and needed hip surgery. A few other people in my life have suffered with or currently are suffering and overcoming a bunch of difficult situations. This is my reminder that we are all capable of incredible strength and that there is no reason to let some short-term circumstances keep me from doing things.


“Strength” ⇒ pretty much self-explanatory

The ribbon ⇒ went with yellow because of the Canadian Cancer Society’s yellow daffodils and yellow is a predominant colour in my high school/post-secondary sports careers (many of those that I keep in mind with this tattoo have come to me through sports)

“Ahora o Nunca” ⇒ means “Now or Never” in Spanish. I heard this in a song, but for some reason the meaning hit me harder in Spanish than the words ever have in English. Eliminate excuses, fears, barriers.

Location (Right shoulder) ⇒ I went even deeper with this tattoo when I chose the location. I put it on my right shoulder because that’s been one of my worst injuries. Mind you, I didn’t dislocate it or anything incredibly sever. It’s more of that nagging pain, the inability to move it, the increased pain when I push it. It kept me away from doing a lot of things, it was my crutch and my excused not do things outside of my comfort zone.

Tattoos I still want!

Golden_Hawks A Golden Hawk, although I’m still not sure where or the exact style details. This will probably be my next as it will be small and simple as well.

I’m also hoping to get something incorporating the Greek flag and some text in Greek. This will be larger than the other 2, and I want to plan it out well before getting it. It’ll also probably be costly so it’s something I’m working towards.

Would you ever get one if the right inspiration came along? What tattoos do you have or want? Tell me more! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger [1]: Tattoos

    1. Thank you! I worried about job interviews with my tattoo (and my upcoming ones) as well. That’s part of why my next 2 are proving more difficult. I want a location that isn’t super out there and obvious, just in case! 🙂


    1. I love the idea of that first dolphin one going all the way around! It’s really cute. The lack of money is always the culprit for not being able to get more 😦 I think my bigger Greek flag piece will have to wait at least another year or two for me to get my financial situation sorted out but I’m getting the Hawk as soon as I can decide on the details. I love the stories tattoos tell about people.


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