Beyond the Books [2]


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren. This week’s topic is favourite words (to say or write).

As a language student/teacher, words are my thing so this one was really fun.


  • complacent – it just sounds so good *heart eyes*
  • awesome – good word but also a little inside joke between someone I’m close with and myself
  • invaluable – I love the idea that something is so important and useful that it “can’t be assigned a value”
  • penguin – I’m obsessed with the animal but it’s also really fricken fun to say!!


  • añorar – to miss, to yearn for, to long for ⇒ the sound of this word just goes so well with the meaning
  • desvelado – awake, sleep-deprived, unable to sleep


  • τουβλο (toovlo) – brick ⇒ another one of those words that just sounds perfect for its meaning


What are some of your favourite words? Do you have some from multiple languages?


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Books [2]

  1. I didn’t even think about using words from another language. I love your list, complacent is such a great word. it rolls very nicely off the tongue. My favorite Spanish word is Corazón, which means heart. I love when my Miguel calls me, mi corazón. it means my love, in Spanish. I also love the German word Schatzi, which means treasure or sweetheart in German.


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