ARC August Sign-up Post

arc-augustYAY IT’S BACK!!!! I was so hoping that Octavia and Shelly were going to do ARC August again this year. Last year I was a bad, disorganized book blogger and never managed my time and TBR properly so I failed at this special month. This year, however, I’ve been on top of my stuff with my blog relaunch so I’m excited to participate in this and get a handle on all my August ARCs (and the long list of ones that release September 1st as well, what the heck?!).

SOOOO without any further rambling, here is my TBR for ARC August:

1. The Road to Atlantis (physical ARC)

I’m reading this as part of a book club for The Word on the Street festival in Toronto (thanks, guys, for the book!). This one will take me until the very end of the month so that I can keep up with the discussion schedule.

2. Placid Girl (NetGalley eARC)

3. Lair of Dreams (NetGalley eARC)

4. Hunter (NetGalley eARC)

5. A Whole New World (NetGalley eARC)

6. State of Grace (NetGalley eARC)

7. Are You Still There? (NetGalley eARC)

There it is, my planned reading list. I seriously hope I can get it all read but if not I have a little wiggle room with the September 1 titles. Thank you, Read.Sleep.Repeat ladies, for running this again. You’re both the most awesome!


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