My 2015 Reading Goals

Posting goals? In July? Did she miss the memo that people usually do that in January?

Nope! As you can tell from my post archive, this little blog here wasn’t running in January. That being said, I think it’s cool to share what I’ve set for myself to achieve this year. PLUS…you guys can help hold me accountable for it all!

1. Read 40 books

This is the most basic goal. A numeric marker of whatever books I choose to read.

2. Read 10 non-fiction books (included in the 40).

I don’t read enough non-fiction books even though I love them so much. I figured I’m more likely to get it done if I start small.

3. Branch out!

This is to get me reading books I’d normally pass over. I bought the Ronda Rousey book (even though I’m not a UFC fan), I’ve given some thrillers a try. I just want to try some new things, maybe find a new genre I love.

There they are! My reading goals for this year. I’m looking forward to fleshing these out and growing my goals from year to year.

What are your reading goals? Do you just use number based or do you try to set some focused on content as well?


One thought on “My 2015 Reading Goals

  1. Those are some good goals! I’m the same way – I try to pick a number (usually 50), and then throughout the year as I’m picking my next book to read, I see if there’s a nonfiction book on my shelf I’m in the mood for (usually science or philosophy) and then try to give a few books a chance that I normally wouldn’t (be it because of genre or author, etc.)

    Do you have any specific books you wanted/want to give a chance this year that maybe isn’t so high up on the priority list?


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