August 2015

Wow, it’s August already. Where has the time gone?

Last month was pretty wild with relaunching this blog, the Ontario book blogger meet-up, and signing up for the new Secret Sister round. Here’s a little glimpse at what’s coming up this month.


* ARC August! – This is hosted by the amazing Octavia and Shelly. You can find my sign-up post here but I’ve had to make a few changes to my roster since I sucked at reading in July. Here is my final list of what I hope to finish:

– Nothing Left to Burn (August 4th)
– Wind/Pinball (August 5th)
– Placid Girl (August 25th)
– Lair of Dreams (August 25th)
– Are You Still There (September 1st)
– A Whole New World (September 1st)
– State of Grace (September 1st)
– Hunter (September 1st)
– The Road to Atlantis (ongoing for the Word on the Street book club)

* #OTSPSecretSister – There were enough Canadians wanting to participate AND I managed to get myself “in” just in time so I’m participating in round 3 of this! I already have some cool plans for my sister and can’t wait to see what whoever got me is sending my way! So much excitement getting to make other people happy!

* I want to try to do an author interview or two this month or next month

* continue with memes!

* start to feature more “special” posts (my organization system, favourite teas, etc.)

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for all the fun stuff coming up and let me know if you’d like to see any types of posts done!


7 thoughts on “August 2015

    1. I definitely think I put down more than I can get through. A big chunk of them all come out on the same day though so I have a bit of wiggle room with getting through them 🙂 Good luck to you as well!!


  1. Good luck this month and congrats on making it to round 3 of OTSP Secret Sister! I’ve just recently found out about it so I’m going to try to get in when round 4 begins (:


    1. Thank you! I got in just in time and I’m already so excited. Definitely start making your case for round 4. This one has just barely started and I’m already having a ton of fun!


  2. Revision and being prepared to revise your list is awesome. I see that you got some interesting books. Hunter seems to be on a lot of people’s list.

    Grace @ Books of Love


  3. Nothing wrong with revising your list! And you still have some great ones to read! Good luck with ARC August and remember you can always DM me about your Secret Sister ideas. ^_^


    1. Thank you! I’ve already started and hoping to stay strong. I definitely will be messaging you when I’m stuck! I’ll totally be your sounding board for ideas too 😀


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