DNF Reviews: Charlie, Presumed Dead and Nothing Left to Burn

Since I’ve been dragging my feet on doing a write up for both of these books, I figured it’s just about time. Since neither would be of any consequential length by themselves I’m including both DNFs in one post.

Charlie, Presumed Dead:

Charlie Presumed Dead

I DNFed this book at 62%…yeah, I tortured myself through 62% of a book that I didn’t like. The only reason I didn’t finish it is because Octavia talked some sense into me and convinced me to walk away.

The summary of this book sounded SO promising to me. I thought I was going to love it but it just totally didn’t do it for me. Some of the decisions made by the two girls were just absolutely absurd to me. If you deeply mistrust someone you don’t travel across the world with them to find out about a guy that was clearly not right and potentially dangerous. It’s just…I can’t. It was all so inconceivable and ridiculous. Part of me hates not knowing how it ended but the majority of me just doesn’t care. I couldn’t believe any of the story and I didn’t suck me in.

I think if you can get past the insanity of the girls’ actions you would find the story and the chase interesting. I’m just too practical.

Nothing Left to Burn:

nothing left to burn

I DNFed this book at 12%. I can’t really give much of a commentary on it as I didn’t read much. What I can say is that it just didn’t hook me. Again, the premise was interesting but I just wasn’t engaged. I felt like I was dragging my feet to get through and move on to something that was more interesting and a better fit. It could be a timing thing, I can very much be a mood reader at times, or it could be that the writing style just wasn’t a fit for me. I might go back and give it a chance again much further down the road, but for now “it’s a no from me”.

I have a couple more reviews planned for this week and another ARC August recap coming so keep an eye out and let me know what you think of these books if you’ve read them. How do you feel about DNFing books?


2 thoughts on “DNF Reviews: Charlie, Presumed Dead and Nothing Left to Burn

  1. Life is just too short to struggle through books that aren’t grabbing you. I also hate it when characters make totally ridiculous and unreasonable decisions. Book killer for sure.


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