Top Ten Tuesday [8] – Book Genie


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today I’m listing the top 10 things I’d ask for from the book genie! (I know it’s Wednesday but life happened, booooo)

Dear almighty BOOK GENIE, would you be so kind as to grant me:

1. A personal library (room) that expands as my collection expands. Think the tent that Harry et al used at the Quidditch World Cup. Looks small but SO MUCH space. Also it would add shelves as existing ones filled. I’m a dreamer.

2. An iPad (or similar device) so that I can have all my digital material in one place! My poor iPhone doesn’t have enough space for my to have Kobo, Kindle, and Overdrive (and even some PDFs). I think it almost goes on strike when I want to have an audiobook on there.

3. A wand/magical tape/salve/goo/etc. to mend damaged books and/or dust jackets. Plz can I has one? (Biggest heartbreaker is a damaged book)

4. My dream (cozy) reading spots; the comfiest reading chair (with an impossibly soft and warm throw) and a beautiful window seat (maybe in my magical, Harry Potter personal library?).

5. To never have to wait more than a day for a book I requested from the library (patience isn’t a virtue I possess when it comes to books, sadly).

6. To have a minimum of 3 hours a day for reading and 2 for working on my book blog. Basically, I want a Time Turner…

7. The ability to travel to any book signing anywhere in the world. Super speedy train, plane, car, or Apparating…I don’t care the mode of transportation I just want to goooooooo.

8. To have the full Utterances of Talis published (or available for just me to read..but I know many people want this so I wont be selfish 😛 ).

9. A small collection of perfectly curated books to start off a personal library for Jerome, my boyfriend and a new bookworm recruit. A couple of signings he’d go crazy over would be cool too since it’s usually ME being the crazy one.

10. The ability to get any edition of any book with ease. I’m looking at YOU, Modern Greek editions of the Harry Potter series…

I’ve realized that a large portion of this list is just me wishing that I was a witch that trained at Hogwarts. I guess you really can’t always get what you want 😦 .

What wishes would you ask the book genie to grant? 


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