Event Recap: #IndigoChat with the McGill Quidditch Team

img_4235On Thursday, May 12 I had the awesome opportunity to head down to Indigo HQ after work to take part in a night of trivia and twitter-chatting with the Indigo squad and the McGill Quidditch team!

img_4238The trivia portion happened in our time there before the Twitter chat. Some of those questions were HARD! I even left a bunch of ??? next to my one answer. It was so funny hearing us all groan, hem and haw, and yelp excitedly when we found answers. It also evolved into a bloggers vs. Quidditch players rivalry. This was a wickedly fun group of people! We got through all the questions and then had to hand in our papers to Elizabeth and Julia to mark. I handed mine in feeling like I may have failed out of Hogwarts had I ever actually received my letter.

We refilled our snacks and beverages and then it was on to Twitter! The bloggers were encouraged to join in by offering our thoughts and tweeting questions to Indigo and the McGill team. We had some great laughs, learned what it’s like to be on a quidditch team, AND got a sneak peek at their pre-game chant!

Twitter users were able to join in from wherever they were at the time and also asked a lot of really great questions. I usually participate in Twitter chats from home while watching baseball so it was really cool to be “behind the scenes” and hear McGill players discussing their ‘official’ answers and coming up with fun questions with the bloggers.

Once the Twitter chat was done we all buzzed anxiously waiting for the trivia results. Elizabeth had been scaring us by saying how awful the grades were throughout the chat! To be fair, they were hard. If you check out their feed from just before the chat that day, they tweeted out a few of the questions! I’m super excited to reread the series now though and to kick my family’s butt at Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Nothing like a Potter-filled night to reignite my love of the books!

 I want to say another HUGE thank you to the Indigo team for having me at this event, to my fellow bloggers that were there for being awesome company, and to the McGill Quidditch team for being super cool and great opponents 😛

I look forward to future chats and will participate for as long as I have internet access! (AKA foreverrrrrr)

Do you participate in Twitter chats? Have you ever been a part of an Indigo chat? What are your favourite chats?


5 thoughts on “Event Recap: #IndigoChat with the McGill Quidditch Team

  1. I loved this!! I was on Twitter watching the chat and participating in it. Don’t hurt me, but the questions they tweeted out were easy.. I’m assuming they got harder? Wish there was a live feed on Periscope so I can see it happening. So cool that McGill has a Quidditch team. The only time I’ve seen an actual game being played was from the movie, THE INTERN 😛


    1. Yes! Some were easy but man some took real brain-wracking to remember.

      I wish Laurier had had a Quidditch team!! I would have tried out so fast. It’s so cool that it’s a full league and they have nationals and whatnot. Man we live in a great time haha!


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