Hot Dudes Reading

29419064Hot Dudes Reading

 Release Date: April 26, 2016

 Publisher: Atria Books (Simon & Schuster Canada)

Format: paperback ARC

Pages: 224

Source: Simon & Schuster

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 Summary: Humans of New York meets Porn for Women in this collection of candid photos, clever captions, and hilarious hashtags about one of the most important subjects of our time: hot dudes reading.

Based on the viral Instagram account of the same name, Hot Dudes Reading takes its readers on a ride through all five boroughs of New York City, with each section covering a different subway line. Using their expert photography skills (covert iPhone shots) and journalistic ethics (#NoKindles), the authors capture the most beautiful bibliophiles in all of New York—and take a few detours to interview some of the most popular hot dudes from the early days of the Instagram account.

Fun, irreverent, and wittily-observed, this book is tailor-made for book lovers in search of their own happy endings—and those who just want to get lost between the covers for a while. (Goodreads)


*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

My first question when I was pitched this book was, “How did I not know this Instagram account exists?” I’m a strong supporter of anyone and everyone reading, don’t get me wrong, but a social media account dedicated to attractive men reading? I’m there.

I loved the setup of Hot Dudes Reading. Yes, there are pictures of good looking guys almost every time you turn the page; you also, however get a little tour of New York and the subway system. For each one, you get a cheesy, laugh-out-loud interview and commentary about the hot dudes reading market on each specific line.

If you take this book too seriously, you won’t like it. If you go in looking for something light and fun, something to make you laugh and/or smile, then you’ll have a great time. I flew through it! I snuggled up with tea and my softest blanket while the sun was streaming in and had a blast reading.

I’m sad this advance copy wasn’t in colour (I understand why but imagine how much more glorious I’m sure this is in colour!) and totally want to pick up the finished copy! It’s the kind of book you can read snippets of to perk up a bad day; much like my beloved Grumpy Cat book. If the book isn’t enough for you, there is still the Instagram account! For my fellow Canadians, I’ve even seen a couple pictures of those tell-tale, red TTC seats 😉

* Fair warning: this book is filled with innuendos. I love it but if that is not your brand of humor, steer clear. *

While looking through the Notes app on my iPhone, I came across these two snapshots I took while reading. I don’t often take pictures of passages so I knew they must be good. They didn’t disappoint! Here’s a sneak peek at what past me felt pertinent to save while reading :D. 

Do you follow the Hot Dudes Reading account? What are your favourite bookish accounts to follow?


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