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June Reading Challenge: The Summer Series-Starter Challenge

summer-series-starter-challengeHey everyone! While cataloging my books, I noticed that I own a ridiculous amount of either first books in a series or entire series that I’ve never started. I also noticed that I have a pretty serious lack of shelf space.

While contemplating both of these #BookwormProblems, I came up with the idea for this challenge! The premise? Read the first books in as many series as I can in one month. This will help me decide what to keep on my shelf and/or TBR and what I’m willing to let go of. I’m a strong believer that challenging yourself is more fun when you have friends to do it with so I wanted to open this up to the bookish community as well. I’ve talked to a few bookish friends and they’re in a similar boat…so many series, so little time!

“How will this challenge work?” you ask? Well, from June 1 until June 30, read ALLL the book 1s! You can read other books, they just wont count :P. Post some form of update at the end of every week (I will include the schedule of my posts below) so that we can all encourage one another and see how other bookworms are doing. There will be a place to share your links on each of my update posts. We’ll also be using #SummerSeriesChallenge on Twitter and Instagram to share tweets and pictures throughout the month!

There will also be giveaways running throughout the month. One will be an international (as long as The Book Depository ships to your country) giveaway from me and then the lovely people at Simon & Schuster Canada are putting together something for participants as well (This one will be Canada only)!  ** More info on these once the challenge starts 😉 **

Here are the books I’m hoping to get through!

I have my books already picked off the shelf in their own pile to make it easier to grab them once June hits! I’m hoping I can fly through these 9 and start on some others (oh yeah, my original list I was choosing from was LONG) I’m such a series hoarder and I keep wanting to get started on ones but never do because I’m scared of committing to the whole thing *side-eyes Throne of Glass on my shelf because it’s so far along*.

A couple of quick notes:

It is completely fine if you use library books for this challenge! I’ve had The Story of Owen on my TBR for an incredibly long time but when I’m at a bookstore,  they either don’t have any copies (SHAME!!) or I don’t have a budget for new books at that moment (*cries*). With that bad luck, I took it out from the library once I decided I just HAD to read it for this challenge. I know books can  be expensive so I’m beyond cool with people using library books 😀

Also, you must sign up for the challenge using the linky below. You do not have to do a full blog post for this part; Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr posts saying something like “Hey I’m joining in!” and then maybe with a TBR picture (because I’m painfully curious what everyone else will be reading) works just fine. I basically just need a link to a post with a ‘formal’ declaration of joining us 🙂

** When submitting your links,  please submit a direct link to the post rather than just a link to your profile.**

Sign-ups will close June 5 @ 11:55 pm

Updates Schedule:

Week 1 – June 6th

Week 2 – June 13th

Week 3 – June 20th

Week 4 – June 27

Wrap-Up post – July 2



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