November 2016


Hey everyone! Happy November. Lately, I’ve put a lot of personal focus on getting myself organized and mentally on track. I’ve also been inspired by a couple posts and everyone prepping for NaNoWriMo to make goal setting a priority (I see you all slaying those writing goals!). As such, I’ve decided to try out setting shorter-term goals for myself (rather than just my yearly goals) and making a TBR each month to provide my brain some of the structure it thrives on.



  1. Post 3x/week (minimum)
  2. Finish “must-read” books from my TBR
  3. Spend time commenting 2x/week
  4. Bookstagram 2x/week
  5. Catch up on cross-posting reviews


  1. Drink enough water everyday
  2. Complete all workouts
  3. Bring food/coffee from home
  4. Start jotting down story ideas (I have an itch to write…again all you NaNoWriMo people got me)
  5. Save, save, save!
  6. Cross three more things off of my viewing list (movie or TV season)

TBR (Titles link to Goodreads)

Fate of Flames





Of Fire and Stars

Ever the Hunted


Rebel Genius

And there you have it! This is what I’m hoping to get done in November. What are some of your goals for this month? What’s on your TBR? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂 

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