(Magical) Mini Monday [4]

mini monday

Hey everyone! This mini Monday is an extra special one. I’ve infused it with MAGIC!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, & Jack Thorne

I was so freaking excited for this. I picked up my pre-order at my local release party, started reading it on my way home, and then stalled. Other reading obligations always got in the way and I found myself saying “I’ll finish it on my next day off” over and over again but never actually getting to it. I made it my goal in December to finish it and raced through it within the first day or two. I loved this story for 80-90% of the script but the last little bit of it fell super flat for me. I adored the friendship between Albus and Scorpius and being back in the world with characters I love. The story in general was enjoyable but the end section put a bit of a damper of things on things for me.

Image result for fantastic beasts movie poster
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movie)

THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD GUYS. I’ve watched it twice. And I’m anxiously waiting for it to come out on DVD. Newt was ahhhhmaaaazing, I need a Niffler and Bowtruckle, and Queenie is a gem. I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this but I was happily surprised. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the movie franchise and to finally get a chance to read the script as well. 


Are you a Harry Potter fan? What did you think of these new expansions of the world?

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One thought on “(Magical) Mini Monday [4]

  1. I found myself really disappointed with Cursed Child, but loved Fantastic Beasts! I think my expectations were too high for the play, and then dropped too low for the movie, so that might have made a difference!

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