Top Ten Tuesday [9] – Bookish Santa


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today I’m presenting you with the Top 10 Books/Bookish Items I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree.

This was a hard list to compile because I want EVERY-FREAKIN’-THING. As such, don’t consider this my extensive list, just the first things that came to mind while I was staring around Indigo/at Patty & Ambur for inspiration.

  1. Happy Hello Co. Bookmarks
    Especially this set. I’m pretty sure I don’t exactly need to explain why 😉

  2. Bookmark(s) from Behind the Pages

  3. A Carry-All Pouch from Society6 with any of a number of Evie’s deisgnsBook Nerd Tribal Print Carry-All Pouch

  4. A pillow from Bookworm Boutique’s Society6 store

  5. “Ravenclawesome” or “Newt’s Misplaced Suitcase” candle from Angry HareRavenclawesome | 8oz Soy CandleNewt's Misplaced Suitcase | 8oz Soy Candle

  6. Fantastic Beasts phone case from Takila Art (Customized, of course 😉)

  7. The UK edition of E.K. Johnston’s Spindle


  8. The Red Queen colouring book
    Red Queen: The Official Coloring Book

  9. An Ember in the Ashes 

  10. The Case of Beasts

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday [9] – Bookish Santa

  1. I didn’t know the UK version of Spindle was so pretty…and titled differently! That’s crazy! Though I will say that both covers are pretty. I just sometimes wish I lived in the UK just for the pretty covers!


    1. Didn’t actually get anything from this list but I did use my Indigo gift card to heavily discount a Read the North sweater (which I totally forgot when writing this list but have been dyyyyying to buy!) so I’m pretty happy 🙂 I count my Keurig as a bookish item because everyone knows a reader without a mug in their other hand feels incomplete 😉


    1. I love her bookmarks. I received a Truthwitch one as a gift and it’s so beautiful! The magnetic ones are hand for books I commute with since they hang right onto the page!


    1. I used to have a serious bookmark buying problem haha! Especially when I discovered the magnetic ones; I know have a little wooden chest I had to buy to store them all in 😛


  2. Love these! I want to give my best friend that pillow cuz she’s a writer and kills off far too many characters for my taste, so it would make her laugh. Going to have to favorite those bookmarks you listed second too, cuz I would use those. Great list!

    (My TTT is here, and I also did fun gifty things like these, so thought I’d share.)


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