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The Toronto Book Tag


The Toronto Book Tag was created by Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts and Ambur from Burning Impossibly Bright. Compare books to your (least?) favourite parts of Toronto living!


“The Six”– A book with numbers in its name
A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston. Do I get bonus points for picking a Canadian author too? Side note: I love this book. The inside is as beautiful as the many different editions of this book available.
“Queen Street” – Favourite bookish merch

BOOK SLEEVES! Oh.My.God. I love these things. I currently own 4 and my 5th in whizzing it’s way to me now. My two favourites are the Book Biff and Book Beau. Both shop owners are also super sweet and I adore them.

“CN Tower” – The tallest/biggest book on your shelf


Goodreads lists this edition at 766 pages. I totally thought ACOMAF would be the longest but J.K. has it beat!

“The DVP” – Most well read/worn out book you own


My original edition of this book from when I was in elementary school is so beat up, the pages are yellowing, the spine is creased. I think it may *actually* be in worse shape than the DVP. Okay, just kidding.

“TTC” – A book that took too long to get to where it should


Interestingly enough. I ended up DNFing this book 100 pages in after the MC finally got off the stupid train that took up the first 20% of the book. “We are currently experiencing a delay on Line 2: Bloor-Danforth due to a massive info dump. Enjoyment of this book has been suspended. Shuttle buses are running.”

“Toronto Sports Teams” – A book you expected to like but felt let down by (or your choice of Leafs, Jays, Raps, etc.)
The ending of this disappointed me more than the Toronto Argos 5-13 season in 2016…
“Lake Ontario” – Favourite fictional map

I get even more bonus points because Lake Ontario is actually in this picture! I’m not necessarily enamoured with the basics of the map but this print of it I received from HarperCollins Canada is stunning. I’m looking forward to framing it and hanging it like the art that it is!

“Torono? Teronno? Tomato? Toronto!” – A character name you found difficult to pronounce


For the longest time I read Ryiah’s name as Ree-ah…it’s actually Rye-uh. Four books later, I still struggled to pronounce it correctly in my head while reading. Apparently I’m not the only one though so I don’t feel as bad!


There you have it! I tag any bookish people that know the Toronto struggle to take part in this!

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