[Brains, Books, and Baseball] Day 3 – Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin

31423494Third Base (The Boys of Summer #1)

 Author: Heidi McLaughlin

 Release Date: April 4

 Publisher: Forever Romance

Format: paperback

Pages: 272

Source: HBG Canada

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Since becoming a major league baseball player, I’ve learned a few hard lessons. Like never give out your home address on social media (sorry, Mom). Never shoot your mouth off without thinking . . . and never, ever let your personal life interfere with your game. But then I saw her – sitting alone behind the enemy dugout, watching me – and I just had to meet this girl.

Now I know that Daisy Robinson has her secrets, but there’s something about her that drives me crazy. Maybe it’s her innocence, her absolutely amazing knowledge of baseball, or just the fact that she is so unbelievably beautiful. I have to take it slow. Prove to her that the rumors about me are just that – rumors.

Daisy might be my ultimate lifetime win. . . if I don’t get hit by the curveball that’s coming my way. (Goodreads)


 * I received a copy of this book from HBG Canada in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion*

O-M-G. This book was everything I needed in the week leading up to Opening Day! Going into a new sports romance, my fear is always that there wont be *enough* sports for my tastes and need as a sports addict fan. Let me tell you, Third Base did not disappoint! As wrapped up in Ethan and Daisy’s romance as I was, I also still felt myself getting really anxious about the playoff prospects of the Boston Renegades. (Which is shocking because they’re very obviously modeled after a certain AL East team that I loathe and pray doesn’t make playoffs every year.😈😇)

I love how hard Ethan falls and how quickly he falls for Daisy. I’m used to women being smitten instantly but I don’t often come across male characters that develop strong feelings like that so rapidly. Or they do and they’re just too hard-headed to admit it but Ethan was refreshingly self-aware in that department and pretty open about it as well. He’s also swoony, naturally and now I want an Ethan of my own even those he’s a tad on the young side.

I saw the “curveball” mentioned in the synopsis coming a mile away but it wasn’t one of those “ugh, I figured that out 10 chapters ago” moments. When it was finally thrown (get it…curveball) in, I started flailing the book at my mom (who had already devoured it) and started yelling “I KNEW IT! I KNEW ______________!! I KNEW IT!” It was very satisfying to be right and also a very dramatic ‘twist’. I had to stop and digest the information for a few minutes before continuing; I said I was right, not that I was prepared.

Final Verdict: 

This was a super quick read that definitely tugs on the heartstrings. There was no shortage of “awwwwww” moments and definitely no shortage of baseball. Yes, I was super entertained when Robinson Cano and Albert Pujols were name dropped in the book.  I highly recommend Third Base to lovers of sports romance and even just romance lovers especially with warm summer months coming!

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