[Brains, Books, and Baseball] Day 5 – Top Baseball Movies

Amanda’s Marquee Matchup

I’m so excited to see these two young pitchers duel it out. Sanchez was unreal last year!

Baseball season calls for baseball movies! I have a list of my top movies that I have seen and that I want to see! Making this list, I’ve realized that the number of baseball movies that I have watched is embarrassingly low.

Flicks I’ve watched:

I loved all of these movies and definitely think I’m going to make them a yearly tradition to kick off the season!

My TBW List:

I know there are definitely waaaaayyyyy more baseball movies around but these are my top 4 that I keep saying “oooo I have to watch that soon” but never actually get to.


Like books, I love infusing sports into my movies and baseball is always great for giving us feel-good stories which is a great recipe for an entertaining time. 

What are your favourite baseball movies! Let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely add it to my list❤️


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