[Brains, Books, and Baseball] Day 7 – Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout by Jim Prime

Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout

 Author: Jim Prime

 Release Date: April 18, 2017

 Publisher: Sports Publishing

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 224

Source: Thomas Allen & Son


From the club’s inception in the late ’70s to winning the division for the first time in the ’80s, Joe Carter’s epic home run, the two World Series titles in the early ’90s, the reign of Roy Halladay, Josh Donaldson’s MVP season, and everything in between, the Blue Jays have continued to build a storied history as one of baseball’s most exciting teams. In Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout, Jim Prime captures all of the best moments in Blue Jays history, from the most thrilling to the most humorous, and so much more. Stories of players and coaches from both on and off the field can be found here, including tales of All-Stars Dave Stieb and Carlos Delgado, Hall of Famers Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, and Roberto Alomar, and many more memorable Blue Jays, past and present.

It’s all here, in the latest addition to the Tales From series, the perfect gift for any fan of the only current Major League Baseball team playing in Canada! (Thomas Allen & Son)


 *I received a copy of this book from Thomas Allen & Son in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion.*

 This is such a great book for lifelong Blue Jays fans! From legends like Joe Carter to newer fan favourites like Josh Donaldson there’s so many great Jays players and stories all wrapped up in this book. 

I was really young during the World Series years so I loved being able to read about the players, the moments, and the celebration. I learned more about players I’ve heard of but never really knew all that much about. At one point I remember gasping and turning to my mom to say “OMG! Did you know Pat Borders batted .450 during the 1992 Workd Series?! THAT’S CRAZY!” I knew who he was and that he was good but his average wasn’t anything I’d ever really been told about before. 

Of course you can’t talk Jays without mentioning new phenomena like The Bringer of Rain and The Batflip either. I love how this book marries new and old giving lifelong fans a chance to reminisce and new fans a chance to relive a bit of the magic of those first seasons. 

Final Verdict: 

This is definitely a book that’ll be in my Jays collection forever. It’s so fun to look back on the memories and remember all the players that came before the current roster!

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