[Blog Tour] Golden Hour by Chantel Guertin

36393194Golden Hour (Pippa Greene #4)

 Author: Chantel Guertin

 Release Date: May 22, 2018

 Publisher: ECW Press

Format: Paperback

Source: ECW Press


The fourth and final book in the beloved Pippa Greene series

It’s senior year, and the college countdown is on. But instead of getting accepted to Tisch’s photography program, Pippa’s been waitlisted. Without a backup plan, and with the pressure from everyone around her to live up to her father’s legacy, Pippa sets out to prove herself worthy of the program by doing the opposite of everything she did to try to get in. But when she runs into her ex, and first love, Dylan McCutter, Pippa has to finally decide if she should follow her head or her heart.

Written with the same humor and heart that made Chantel Guertin’s first three Pippa Greene novels instant favorites, Golden Hour offers a fresh and charming perspective on friendships, family, and first love. (Goodreads)



*I received an advance copy of this book from ECW Press in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion.*

If you were around in September 2015, you may remember that I binge read and LOVED the first three Pippa Greene books in preparation for the Leading Lines blog tour. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the fourth and final book ever since I turned that last page of Leading Lines, and while it was a bit torturous because I missed Pippa and the gang, Golden Hour was well worth the wait. 

This series is my favourite type of book to read at this time of year and Golden Hour definitely fit right in with those vibes I got from the first three books. It’s a super quick read that you can binge on a gorgeous day outside at the park, the beach, or in bed enjoying some AC. The friendships, shennanigans, and romance also help to make this perfect for the beautiful spring and summer days that lay ahead. 

All my favourite characters have come out to play in this one again. Pippa and Dace are partners in crime as always and are still one of my favourite friendships ever. They’re so supportive of one another and though they don’t always agree on things you can tell that they love each other to death. I’m so here for amazing female friendships in a world where cattiness is the gold standard of entertainment. The secondary cast is also amazing, from Pippa’s family to the boys, Dylan and Ben. Chantel is great at writing characters that pull at your heartstrings and make you feel are your real-life precious babies. 

I think my favourite part of this book is how much growth Pippa shows. I remember how much I changed around this time in my life even though I was positive I had things all figured out. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that even though you’ve been so sure of who you are your whole life it seems that maybe, just maybe, there’s more to you and even more to unearth down the road. I loved seeing Pippa struggle through that and learn how to be as true to herself as possible while still trying to navigate preparing for a college experience that now may not even happen and what to do if Plan A, her only plan, crashes and burns. 

This was, on one hand, the perfect finale, and on the other hand made me want to know where Pippa lands next even more because I adore her so much!


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