[ARC August] Sign-Up Post

Hey everyone!

I’m once again participating in the Read.Sleep.Repeat ARC August reading challenge. I look forward to this month every year because I’m inevitably always super behind and this is just the kick in the pants I need to get some serious catching up done.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the picture I posted of the physical ARCs I’m hoping to read for this challenge. There are also quite a few eGalleys that I have on my list in an attempt to fill every square on this pretty freakin’ hard bingo card the RSR ladies created.

Now, realistically reading every book on my list is a bit of a lofty goal so, in an attempt to be at least a tad realistic, I’ve set a more easily attainable goal…my official ARC August goal is to finish at least 6 of the titles off of my extensive list (see below).

✅ = Read

❎ = DNF

  1. Fat Girl on a Plane
  2. Ship It.
  3. Odd One Out
  4. The Adventurer’s Guide to Dragons (And Why They Keep Biting Me)
  5. Children of the Bloodlands
  6. These Rebel Waves
  7. City of Ghosts
  8. Hidden Pieces
  9. Stay Sweet
  10. From Twinkle, With Love
  11. Infraction
  12. Shrewed
  13. This is Kind of an Epic Love Story
  14. The Cruel Prince
  15. On A Sunbeam
  16. Blanca & Roja
  17. To Kill a Kingdom
  18. The Empress
  19. The Assassin’s Curse
  20. Hot and Badgered (I added this as an extra yesterday after my mother once again gave me hell for not having read this yet and the copy I have happens to be an ARC. Apparently I told her my plan was to use it for ARC August but I have no memory of this. I have receipts for many of the funny things my mom has said to me in an effort to force me to read it faster.)

If I get through at least 6 of these I will be more than happy and anything above that will be the cherry on top. I’m pumped to read a bunch and hopefully get some reviews pumping out of here again!

I’ll be posting updates on Instagram stories and Twitter and I’ll try to do one every weekend on my blog to wrap up what I’ve managed to get done over the week!!


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