[Review] Stay Creative Box

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Stay Creative one pager FINAL
Hey everyone!

Last week the Stay Creative Fall Box that I ordered arrived! This was my first one from them so I was excited to be testing out a new, Canadian-made and curated subscription box.

They describe themselves as “a subscription box for Canada’s female hustlers, dreamers, and creatives.” It’s a quarterly box which I really love because I feel a little less guilty shelling out for things like this when it’s only a few times a year. All the proucts inside are from Canadian small businesses as well which is amazing.

Now on to the fun stuf: what came IN the box!

Dream Big Candle:

This is a hand-poure soy wax candle made by Arrow it Forward and comes in a super simple and nice glass jar. The scent is described as “an inspiring blend of florals and endless possibilites.” It’s super fresh and definitely something I’d like to have on my desk while working away!

“Make” keychain:

This piece was made by cerise de lune and I absolutely adore it. I mentioned in my unboxing on Instagram stories that I thought this was my favourite piece from the box and it still holds true! I put it on my keys immediately to serve as a daily reminder to do things that tap into my creativity.


I never knew I needed a scrunchie in my life but getting this one from KnitWhits Couture has me sold. Give me all the scrunchies now! The fabric on the one I got is a stunning burgundy colour and so insanely soft. I’m honestly obsessed.

“Pretty in Pink” Coconut Face Mask:

I’ve never used a powdered face mask before so I’m pumped for the day when I have time to mix some up and test it out! I live for pampering myself with a nice mask. This item came from Red Lemon Natural Living.

#Goals Notepad:

I think this one speaks for itself! What better place to jot down all the things you want to accomplish than on a beautiful, simple notepad adorned with #Goals in shiny gold foil? SS Print Shop nailed this item and I can’t wait to use it to track my own goals.

The Most Canadian Notebook Ever:

I’m a self-procaimed notbook hoarder so obviously having one in this box thrilled me. As mentioned in my Insta story, this notebook is almost more Canadian than an E.K. Johnston novel, which is quite the feat when even her fantasy series has dragons terrorizing the 401 and Hamilton! This awesome handmade writing haven is from Paper Canoe.

Downloads (yaaaaasssss):

This box came with “Refined” a Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack from Michelle Bondy of Photo Art Supply and holiday-inspired stock photography from Melissa and Cali at Bloggers of Canada! Ever since branching into designing my own blog graphics and working more with the Adobe Suite, I have become obsessed with compiling an awesome folder of different elements I can use for whatever project comes up so these are PERFECTION.

This was my first Stay Creative box and I can honestly say I’m striaght up obsessed. I’ve put everything that came in this to use or have plans for it already and I love that they’re Canadian and support other Canadian businesses!


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