Brains, Books, and Back to Football: The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Marley

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43809361The QB Bad Boy and Me

 Author: Tay Marley

 Release Date: August 19, 2019

 Publisher: Wattpad Books

Format: eARC

Pages: 416

Source: NetGalley



Summary: Reluctant cheerleader Dallas Bryan has a problem on her hands—and his name is Drayton Lahey.

Ever since the hot star quarterback of the high school football team hit her car with his motorcycle, he has the annoying ability to get under her skin, making Dallas think about Drayton way more than she should . . . in all the ways that she shouldn’t. 

But Dallas has one goal—to pursue her dance-school dreams in in California—and no one, not even a hard-bodied, green-eyed football god, will stop her. As the tension between Drayton and Dallas grows thicker, the lines are getting blurred, and all she wants is to come undone under his touch.

But this thing between Dallas and Drayton could cost her her dreams . . . if he doesn’t break her heart first. . (Goodreads)


 *I received an advance copy of this book from Wattpad Books on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion. *

I know that football players are the boys of fall but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little swoony football romance perfectly fine in the beauty of summer. Besides, the CFL starts in June 😉

I was sold on reading this from the second I heard “QB” but in reality I was very on the fence while reading. I loved the characters about 50% of the time and then wanted to smack them the other 50%. I like how Dallas is very open-minded in regards to her sexuality and that overall she’s allowed to live that part of her life however she chooses without it becoming a point of shame. She’s also very determined to follow her dreams of getting into the dance program she wants and I’m all for promoting and nurturing that kind of ambition and drive in young girls. Then she turns around and does things that are reckless and borderline dangerous in some cases all in the name of breaking out of her shell and changing things up. I know making questionable decisions is part of being a teen, lord knows I made my fair share, but GIRL…you went 0 to 100 wayyy too quickly. 

Then we have Drayton. I also either loved him or wanted to kick him in the balls. On one hand it’s sweet that he cares enough to be so protective of Dallas. On the other, he wanders down some very problematic paths in the effort to look out for her. As a female who has been on high alert and super on edge walking places at night, his trying to prove a point to a very drunk Dallas by pretending to attack her was just cruel. In reality it has the potential to also be really hard on her psychologically but it was presented in way that came across as it was meant to be swoon-worthy. I was so uncomfortable at that point that I almost put the book down and walked away from it. There are other instances where his behaviour left a bad taste in my mouth even though it was supposed to be coming from a good place but the fake attack was the worst for me personally. 

I did find their dynamic as a couple to be extremely cute overall. The banter and giving one another a hard time was great and I liked that Drayton is supportive of Dallas and her dreams (even if it’s sometimes to reckless extremes). There were many moments that made me swoon and had me wishing I had someone to be like that with even though I’m an old hermit and generally very secure in that role. 

The struggle of figuring things out in your last year of high school and trying to feel secure in who your are the path you’ve chosen is also huge. Although not always to the extreme that Dallas does, it’s normal to push the boundaries of what you’re used to and explore new things leading up to a big period of change. 

football-dividerFinal Verdict: 

Overall, I enjoyed this and it worked well as a summer read. I’d say quick read but there were parts that dragged a little.

There are quite a few problematic moments that may make it hard for some people to finish which is something to be aware of before even picking it up. 

Grab a towel, an iced coffee, and a blanket and read this while basking in the sun and the last bit of warmth before full on autumn hits.

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