Referral Program Rules

Effective as of November 15th, 2022

These Referral Program Rules (the “Rules”) form an integral part of our Terms and Conditions.

Please read these Rules to find out how our referral program works.

How it works

“Referrer” means you, an existing registered user of this Site who participates in our referral program by referring eligible third persons to become Referees.

“Referee” means a new user who has registered on our Site directly by the means of Your referral link.

You must be an existing registered user of this Site, holding your account in good standing. Any third person you know, who is eligible to become our new user, may become a Referee.

On the page of the referral program, you can get your unique referral link for registration of the new Site users. You can copy the link and send it to any third person you wish to invite. Then such a person may follow the link and register an account with us, thus becoming a Referee.

Once the person you invited becomes a Referee, he will automatically get a discount on his first order. The size of the discount is indicated on our referral program page and is subject to change at our sole discretion.

After the first order of your Referee is paid*, and gets a Finished status and passes verification, you’ll get a top-up to your balance. Your reward balance is indicated on our referral program page and is subject to change at our sole discretion.

* The first order of your Referee should be paid without using his bonus balance. Otherwise, the order is not considered to be paid in terms of these Rules.

You can check the statistics of the approved Referrals and your reward balance. Please note that your reward balance can be redeemed only for new orders; withdrawal in any other currency is prohibited and not refundable.


  • Creating fake and multiple accounts by one program participant is prohibited.
  • Disclosure of your login and password to third parties, which allows them to access your account and other services provided by our referral program, is prohibited.
  • You agree not to spam anyone with invitations to join our Site, and that you at all times will remain compliant with CAN-SPAM, the TCPA, and other applicable laws.

If you violate any of these restrictions and/or we reasonably suspect that any program participant acts abusively, fraudulently, or in violation of these Rules, we may suspend your access to our referral program and Services, and, consequently, delete your account.